Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Can't Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You've Been

I thought it might be useful for readers to know a little bit about me and my running history, so here goes.

I am 32 years old. My birthday is in October.  

My total race count since 2009 is six. For those who want to see my full stats, I've included them at the end of this post. But here are the highlights:

In 2009 ...

8 km at the BMO Vancouver Marathon in Vancouver, B.C.
The Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon
The Royal Victoria Marathon in Victoria, B.C.

In 2010 ...

The Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon
The BMO Okanagan Marathon in Kelowna, B.C. 

Along beautiful Lake Kelowna at the BMO Okanagan Marathon.

In 2011 ...

10 km at the Vancouver Sun Run in Vancouver, B.C.

Braving the crowd at the Sun Run.  I'm the one wearing red.

I had planned to run one more race in 2011: the inaugural Whistler Half Marathon. But ... you know. Best laid plans, and all that. What can ya do?

I have not fully decided on what training races I might run this year, although I have chosen my full marathon. I am now officially registered for the Edge 2 Edge Marathon, which is happening on June 10 from Tofino to Ucluelet, B.C. This will be my first experience running - and training for - a spring marathon, so it'll be interesting (read: constant rain).  

From what I've heard, Edge 2 Edge is a beautiful course. Plus, I've never been to the west coast of Vancouver Island so I'm kind of hoping to kill two birds with one stone and make a vacation out of it ... I mean, as much of a vacation as running 42.2 km along the Pacific Ocean could be.


For those wanting the full skinny on my race history, here are the details.

8 km race at the BMO Vancouver Marathon (May 3, 2009)
  Overall: 208 out of 650
  Gun Time: 47 minutes 41 seconds
  Chip Time: 47 minutes 37 seconds
  F Group: 99 out of 442
  F 20-29 Division: 44 out of 132

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon (June 28, 2009)
  Overall: 2,627 out of 3,619
  Gun Time: 2 hours 17 minutes 6 seconds
  Chip Time: 2 hours 13 minutes 20 seconds
  F Group: 1,287 out of 2,031
  F 20-29 Division: 247 out of 367

The Royal Victoria Marathon (October 11, 2009)
  Overall: 2,384 out of 2,611
  Gun Time: 5 hours 27 minutes 54 seconds
  Chip Time: 5 hours 27 minutes 41 seconds
  F Group: 979 out of 1,122
  F 20-29 Division: 153 out of 166

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon (June 27, 2010)
  Overall: 2,964 out of 3,756
  Gun Time: 2 hours 21 minutes 41 seconds  
  Chip Time: 2 hours 19 minutes  
  F Group: 1,529 out of 2,131 
  F 30-34 Division: 265 out of 365  

The BMO Okanagan Marathon in Kelowna, B.C. (October 10, 2010)
  Overall: 406 out of 471
  Gun Time: 4 hours 56 minutes 40 seconds
  Chip Time: 4 hours 55 minutes 27 seconds
  F Group: 167 out of 204
  F 30-39 Division: 60 out of 71

10 km at the Vancouver Sun Run (April 17, 2011)
  Overall: 18,168 out of 38,869
  Chip Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 3 seconds
  F Group: 7,507 out of 21,666

Like I said, not very fast. But I do it anyway.

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