Friday, September 27, 2013

Here We Go...

It's race weekend! And after a terrible September plagued with illness, I am happy to report that I've recovered well enough and will be at the marathon start line on Sunday.

I'm a bit under trained, given that I didn't complete nearly as much mileage as I would have liked these past few weeks. But I'm hoping that the big mileage I ran last month will serve me in good stead. 

Epiphany: being ill while training for this marathon has made me appreciate the ability to run all the more. Out there today, I realized that being healthy makes such a world of difference. When I can't run because I'm injured or sick, I'm miserable. I'm certainly grateful that I have the opportunity to run this weekend - and I won't take it for granted because, who knows? There may well come a day when I can no longer do so. 

I leave you with this quote from John Stanton: "No time to run? Your mental attitude can be practiced at any time." I will therefore stay positive between now and Sunday, and really focus only on the things I was able to control these past few months in training. 

If you find yourself in Surrey on Sunday morning, come see me along the course or at the finish line. I'll be one of the stragglers bringing up the rear (happily!).

Course map
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Woes a.k.a. Stories from the Sick Bed

It's amazing. Not one day into the start of fall term, and I end up sick as a dog. 

Today is the first time in over four days that I've woken up not hacking my lungs out and instantly wanting my life to end. But this obviously has meant no running. I was supposed to do 32 km on Sunday... ha! As if that was going to happen. Not with my lungs on the floor and my apartment covered in snot-filled tissues. 

With only three weeks to go until marathon #4, this recent sickness has got me a little stressed out. But maybe it's better than I got sick now than closer to the end of the month. Right? Right??

A few observations. You know you haven't been running in awhile when...

  • The battery in your Garmin has drained itself twice since you last wore it.
  • You don't remember what distance you last ran.
  • You don't remember what day you last ran.
  • All of your running gear is clean at the same time.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye, Summer!

It is now September and with it comes the last few weeks of marathon training... but also another year of school! (Yay?) 

Running these past few weeks has been quite the challenge. I haven't felt as good out there as I did earlier in the training schedule; part of it might be the changing seasons (oh, the humidity!) but out there today, I couldn't help but wonder if my poor diet and lifestyle choices i.e. long weekend wine- and beering, are taking their toll. Note to self: try and stay a little "drier" and away from pizza and gravy the next few weeks.

Me for the next eight months!
I've also found it challenging to stay motivated, given that I've got an assignment for my thesis due next week already (insert whipping sound here, am I right?). It's a sure signal that I'll need to stay extra diligent in forcing myself out on days where all I can think about is the next readings or project or report coming due. 

Because of all this, I'm expecting - as with last year - that I may not be on the blog as often. For this month, I'll definitely have an update on #4 and how that all goes; I'm definitely getting a little nervous, but it's mainly because the running's been less than spectacular. Hoping that will take a turn for the better going into the final four weeks of training.

Today's run: 29 km. Weather: a little of everything. Light showers, cloud, variable sun, a little humidity. Feeling: very meh and worried about race day. If it's this hard now, how can I possibly finish 42.2 km in four weeks!? Trying to not panic.

Hope everyone had a fantastic summer! If you're back to school or work tomorrow, I wish you a productive and positive first day. And if you're sending kids back to the classroom, woot woot for you!