Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Know You're Serious About Running When

Here's a starter list which I will be adding to over time.  What crazy things have you done as a runner?

You know you're serious about running when ...
  • You leave an awesome party because you have to run some seemingly random amount of ridiculous mileage the next day.
  • You turn down a dinner date because it's the only day that week you can fit in a Zone 3 workout.
  • You monitor the weather forecast to ensure your long run falls on the day it's least likely to rain.
  • You get PVR so that you can watch your favourite TV shows on a rest day.
  • The most hilarious quote you've seen lately is (seen on the back of a T-shirt): "If you see me collapse, please hit pause on my Garmin."  [Twitter post by @RunningQuotes]
  • You book a hotel for a destination race based on its ability to ensure you can have your regular pre-race breakfast.
  • You book a hotel for a destination race.  Full stop.
  • You sign up for a running seminar because the speaker is Gary Reed, two-time Olympian.
  • You watch marathon coverage on TV, even if the race happened last week or year.
  • You either own, or have seriously considered the merit of, toe shoes.
  • You've not only read Born to Run, but you've also suggested it to others and talked about it at dinner parties.

Here's a few more I thought of, after the fact:
  • You're finally excited to watch the summer Olympics because of all the running events. 
  • You hear about ultramarathoners and think they're insane ... insanely awesome, that is.
  • You've sat in an ice bath to help speed up your recovery.
  • You write a blog about running.

Friday, March 23, 2012

We're All Just Doing The Best We Can (Me Included)

I'm back!  I know, it's been awhile.  Here's what I've been up to ...

I toured around the South Pacific.  
My husband and I went on a big trip involving a number of different countries situated in the South Pacific.  En route to New Zealand, I was expecting to have a six-hour layover at LAX where I'd planned to blog about the challenge of staying on top of a running schedule whilst travelling.  We ran into some flight problems and spent most of the time in L.A. working to re-book our travel plans instead.  Isn't it ironic ... don't ya think? 

After a week and a half in New Zealand, we headed to Sydney and then onward to Oahu.  I ran once the whole time we were away.  

A view from my one and only run while on vacation.  This is Oriental Bay in Wellington, New Zealand.

I got sick.
Upon our return home after three weeks away, I suffered from some mega fatigue, fighting off a cold and working hard to get back into everyday life after being on holiday.  I didn't run or get to Crossfit for another two weeks.

I felt sorry for myself.
Having fallen off the workout wagon for more than five weeks, when I finally managed to get my running shoes back on, I felt like a complete train wreck.  It was like starting all over again.  I was not a happy camper.  

I got over it.
I'm back on schedule.  My long run last week was 20 km and I'm scheduled for 23 km on Sunday.  I'm still slow but at least my mileage is getting back to where I need to be.  I also registered for the half marathon at the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6, where I plan to gauge my race pace for June.  (NB: The marathon at this event is now sold out.  If you're planning to do the half, I'd register right away!  Otherwise, volunteering is always another great way to get involved.)  

That's my February and March, in a nutshell.  Sorry to have been away so long, but with the weather turning a little nicer and me getting back on track, I'm optimistic that I'll be back on the blog a bit more now, too.  

As Florence says, "Regrets collect like old friends.  It's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off."  Words to live by.