Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Know You're Serious About Running When

Here's a starter list which I will be adding to over time.  What crazy things have you done as a runner?

You know you're serious about running when ...
  • You leave an awesome party because you have to run some seemingly random amount of ridiculous mileage the next day.
  • You turn down a dinner date because it's the only day that week you can fit in a Zone 3 workout.
  • You monitor the weather forecast to ensure your long run falls on the day it's least likely to rain.
  • You get PVR so that you can watch your favourite TV shows on a rest day.
  • The most hilarious quote you've seen lately is (seen on the back of a T-shirt): "If you see me collapse, please hit pause on my Garmin."  [Twitter post by @RunningQuotes]
  • You book a hotel for a destination race based on its ability to ensure you can have your regular pre-race breakfast.
  • You book a hotel for a destination race.  Full stop.
  • You sign up for a running seminar because the speaker is Gary Reed, two-time Olympian.
  • You watch marathon coverage on TV, even if the race happened last week or year.
  • You either own, or have seriously considered the merit of, toe shoes.
  • You've not only read Born to Run, but you've also suggested it to others and talked about it at dinner parties.

Here's a few more I thought of, after the fact:
  • You're finally excited to watch the summer Olympics because of all the running events. 
  • You hear about ultramarathoners and think they're insane ... insanely awesome, that is.
  • You've sat in an ice bath to help speed up your recovery.
  • You write a blog about running.