Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life Lessons Learned in Swim Class: Part 1

I had a breakthrough this weekend. I've always been scared of drowning but I went to the pool yesterday and swam in the deep end for the first time since I was a kid.

I know, I know. As if training to run a marathon wasn't enough, I'm gonna go ahead and conquer my fear of drowning at the same time. Why not? I'm a good multitasker. Plus - it's good cross training. 

As a little girl, I did learn how to swim but was always fearful of being in the water and never got comfortable letting go of the edge in the deep end. A few months ago, I decided to work on this.  I enrolled in a Learn to Swim class and worked my way up from there.

Fast forward to the present and yesterday's private swim lesson in the deep end. At first I freaked out. But then I re-learned how to tread water and then, amazingly, I was swimming and not sinking.  

I still panicked a little bit, especially when I saw that deep end below me; I guess old habits die hard. But I just have to think about what my instructor told me: relax! And remember that I do know how to keep my head above water. 

As with so many challenges in life, we could all use advice like this. Relax and remember to breathe. That's all it takes.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood. These guys are so wise. 

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