Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Non-Resolution Run. And Swim.

I don't make New Year's resolutions - not because I don't believe in goal setting (clearly I do, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this blog) but because I've always been more of a set-your-goals-when-you-need-to-as-you-need-to kinda gal.  

The Running Room has, for 26 years, hosted a Resolution Run. This takes place each year on either December 31st or January 1st in various locations across North America as a way to kick off a new year of running. I've never done the Resolution Run but I think the spirit behind it is admirable even though New Year's resolutions are not my thing.

But since I'm back on the proverbial horse and am currently working to build my base mileage, I went on a 10 km run yesterday ... my first run of 2012! The weather held out and, based on my Garmin stats, I'm already seeing pace improvements after being sedentary for so long. Sweet. 

See?  Getting a bit faster.  I'm sure this won't last.  

I also got my ass handed to me tonight by my new swim instructor. I'm signed up to an Adult Level 3 swim class and have never really worked on my swim endurance so this first class was a bit painful. But it's the only way to improve. Right?

Happy New Year!

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