Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Course. New Medal. New Personal Best.

It was a great day for the BMO Vancouver Marathon. I had forgotten what an awesome experience running races can be ... especially when you kick some serious butt!

The sun was shining, the crowds were a-plenty and there was so much to be thankful for. Having run the 8 km at this event a few years ago, I knew I could count on a truly well-organized morning with tons of volunteers (volunteers rule! Thank you so much for getting up early to cheer us on!) and plenty of support along the route as well as at the finish line.

Start time for the half marathoners was at 7:00 AM. Organizers had encouraged the use of public transit, so my husband and I decided to catch the train to the start of the course. After some crowd confusion with the ticket purchasing machines at the station, we managed to get on a heavily packed train à la London Underground during rush hour.  

I am pleased to say, that was the only hitch of the day.

I got to the start line on time, ran my tush off and achieved a new personal best! 
  • Official chip time: 2:10:18
  • Pace: 6:11 per km

The finish line.  Crossing these never gets old.

The only unfortunate thing about my new record was that my husband didn't see me the entire race because I was always ahead of his planned viewpoints. Guess we'll have to work on recalculating his spectator route for Edge to Edge in five weeks. (Holy crap! Again!)

Man, oh man. What a way to return to racing.

Proud finisher! Now ... where's my breakfast??