Sunday, May 13, 2012

And Then I Took The Day Off. On A Sunday.

I decided to not run the 29 km I'm supposed to be doing today. 

As I said to my husband this morning, "I'm not making any excuses.  I just don't wanna go."

I've been feeling a kind of post-race comedown ever since my kick ass half marathon last weekend. Even though I got out there this week for a couple of shorter runs, I didn't make it to Crossfit and I've just been a bit tired: tired legs (stupid lactic acid!), tired mind and low energy, overall. 

So instead of forcing myself out there today, I'm taking the day off. I'm going to tidy the house, take a nap (or two), watch TV, play with my bunny rabbits. I'm going to do these things, instead of being out there for four hours, on a Sunday morning, weaving in and out of the crowds of tourists/children/oblivious dog-walkers I would inevitably have to negotiate on such a beautiful day in Vancouver. 

And even though the marathon is in four weeks, I'm going to do this because I need the break

Hurrah for the couch and coffee I never normally see on a Sunday! And Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

Plenty more nice days ahead. I'll run then instead.

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