Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holy Crap, I'm Racing Tomorrow!

It dawned on me this morning: I am running a race tomorrow! 

The BMO Vancouver Marathon weekend is here and tomorrow, I'll be running the half marathon.  Obviously, I knew this was coming.  I mean, I signed up for the darn thing.  It just feels like it snuck up on me.  Perhaps it's because I haven't raced in over a year.  Maybe it's because I haven't run a half marathon race since 2010.  

But here we are ... race weekend!

The courses for 2012 are brand new and point-to-point.
Map © BMO Vancouver Marathon and Vancouver International Marathon Society

I have always loved the first few days before a big race.  There's excitement, and a little anxiety.  I'm heading over to the race expo today, where I'll visit all the running kiosks, and maybe even try on some merchandise.  Of course, I'll also be picking up my race package which will include my timing chip.  

Useful for spectators - and super cool! - is being able to see live results via the website.  Hopefully this will help my husband pinpoint where I am along the route.  (I'll be wearing bib #17808, if anyone else wants to "see" me online.) 

I'm not aiming for a super fast time.  My goal is to get an idea of my race pace for the full marathon in June.  This race will be additionally interesting as I've not been feeling so great; I've been fighting off a cold and dealing with some unanticipated stressful issues that have emerged in the last few days.  

But life's not perfect, and neither is racing.  Like everyone else, I'm going to head out there to have fun and just do the best I can.  

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!

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