Friday, March 24, 2017

And Then I Took The Day Off. From (Mostly) Everything.

When I had asked my manager for today off, I had running 32 km in mind. 

Imagine... a whole day during the normal work week to just go running. How extraordinary!

But then, I reconsidered. 

Imagine... a whole day during the normal work week... to just do nothing. How even more extraordinary!

I still have the weekend to get out and do my long run (which I shall) but I got a short run in this week, and even went to the gym yesterday. Plus, I've got a big stack of books borrowed from the library that I really should try and get through (yes, I still borrow books from the library - don't you?).

Also, I'm growing quite tired of running in the cold and rain, and am hedging my bets for the weekend to provide better weather. Come on, Mother Nature! Do a girl a solid, would you? That's the spirit.

Here's to my day off! Back to the couch and my many library books, I go.

Rain, rain, go away. © 2017 The Weather Network

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