Friday, December 2, 2016

Old Motivation, New Motivation

© Kevin Nelson
There's a book called The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration: A Year of Motivation, Revelation and Instruction by Kevin Nelson. I've had this book for the better part of my adult life. It made the move with me from the prairies to the west coast more than 13 (!) years ago and provides readers with daily advice, affirmation and "running food for thought". It's a book I still pull off the shelf whenever I've gotten back into my running shoes - just like now. 

This excerpt from a recent entry seemed of particular relevance to me:
If an idea keeps popping into your head, you may want to listen to it. Ideas that last are generally good ideas, worthy of follow-up. Whatever your latest thought about running, follow it, and see where it takes you.
Picking up Five by 35 (ahem, Five or Bust?) again was a result of a thought that just wouldn't go away, one I decided to follow and not let go. Running my first marathon with Team Diabetes while my dad was still alive was an amazing experience. To finally run number five, after thinking about it all this time, and with the team again now that my dad is gone... well, I'm not sure what to expect but I'm hoping it's good things.

Today is my rest day, but yesterday's run: 4.5 km free run i.e. not for time or speed, just a regular ol' run. Weather: fog, fog and more fog! Pea soup, for sure. Spooky and mysterious. Feeling: like I should've picked a longer route but glad I was able to map out the distance for this one. 

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