Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running Round-Up

Deep Thoughts, Not by Jack Handey
I don't know about you, but sometimes I think about the strangest things when I'm out on my runs, probably because I choose to run without headphones and my mind tends to wander all over the place. Here's a sample of what my brain said to me this week:

  • Upon seeing a mouse (or perhaps, rat?) sprint from a pristine, manicured flowerbed, across the bike path right in front of me, to another well-landscaped flowerbed: "Guess they really are everywhere. We just don't know it most of the time."
  • When the sun started to come up: "Holy mother, it's gonna get hot out here!"
  • Seeing weeds along the path: "Too bad there aren't more dandelions. The bunnies love to eat those."
  • Observing a runner wearing a long-sleeved zip-up jacket: "I wonder if she's training for a weather-specific event. Mainly a hot one. Why else would anyone wear such a thing on a run in the middle of summer?"
  • Fur on the sidewalk: "OMG ... is that part of a dead animal??"

It's Getting Hot Out There
The weather has finally (and miraculously!) turned warm and wonderful on the west coast and it's reminded me to draw upon the plenty of ways to safely train in the summer heat. 

Some of the best tips I've picked up over the years include running in the early morning or later at night, slowing down where necessary, always carrying water, and replenishing potassium levels by drinking orange juice after every run. 

One of my favourite and most logical precautionary measures, which I admittedly struggle with, is staying regularly hydrated throughout the day. Really gotta work at getting those eight cups in!  

How do you adapt your training when it's hot outside?

Love You, John Stanton
Last but not least, I'd like to end with a quote of the day - which is, of course, from the Running Room's John Stanton.
"You know you're addicted to running when someone says Boston, New York or Chicago and you think: marathon."
Have a great weekend, everybody! Stay safe in that summer heat.

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