Sunday, July 29, 2012

Being Sick Blows

These past few days have been a bust for me running-wise. 

I was feeling a bit grotty on Thursday so decided to delay my 6 km run ... but then left the office on Friday feeling the onset of a cold and completely devoid of energy. The weekend was no better; my state deteriorated into a sore throat and sheer exhaustion which meant no running for me.

When I don't feel well, I try and stay somewhat active by toning down the runs to easy 15 or 20 minute jogs. But I've never been sure what to do if I have a long run scheduled. I had 23 km on the docket for today but didn't run at all simply because I really didn't know what to do.

Here's my question - and I'm looking at the long-distance runners who are reading this blog: 

What do you do when you're sick and have to do a long run? 

Do you rest up on the weekend and try to fit that long run in during the week instead? What if you don't have time to be out on a three-hour training run during the week? Do you split up the mileage into two or three runs instead? I know that's not ideal, but we're all working within constraints, right? Are two 12 km runs a reasonable substitute for a 23 or 24 km long run - even just for one week? Or do you merely write it off and work a bit harder next Sunday? 

This is something I've always wondered about but never really knew what might be best. Anyone have any tips? Would love the feedback!

(On a happier note ... being sick this weekend was such a great excuse to do nothing but stay on the couch and watch the Olympics. Who else is watching London 2012 coverage? Can't wait to see how the athletes do in the running events!)

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