Monday, July 15, 2013

A Letter to The Oatmeal

Re: The Terrible & Wonderful Reasons why I Run Long Distances

Dear The Oatmeal,

I've been running marathons for four years and am currently training for my fourth. My husband (who is still new to running) came across your comic, The Terrible & Wonderful Reasons why I Run Long Distances, and sent it to me. I wanted to write you to tell you that: I LOVE IT. It really spoke to me! 

I have my own version of The Blerch (I call it my Self), and also very much appreciate the magical shortcut to euphoria. I gave up on stomach crunches years ago (mostly when I realized they were getting me nowhere - and who wants to diet like crazy and drop all that body fat, anyway?) and have always wondered, "What is the point of tanning beds... really?"

Most of all, and most importantly, who could possibly argue with your logic about running to seek a void? I, too, think too much about my responsibilities and my life; silence is a wonderful thing.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful comic. If this is what happens as a result of all your running, I hope you will always continue to run.

Your fan and friend in long distance running,

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