Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Days Like This That I Really Miss Crossfit

I spent nearly five hours reviewing macroeconomics problems in preparation for an online assignment which is quickly coming due. When I finally attempted the assignment, I still ended up with a less than stellar test score. All I wanted to do was throw my laptop off the balcony. So frustrating!

It's days like this where I really wish I could just lift something insanely heavy, over and over again, and have a trainer to run my ass into the ground until I can no longer breathe. Seriously. 

Ahh, those were the days.

Sadly, Crossfit is not a budget-conscious endeavour and is certainly not something to undertake when earnings are nil. But I do miss it from time to time ... which may be a bit surprising if you've met me because I'm pretty little and probably not the first person that might come to mind when it comes to weightlifting.

I really was frustrated today though and, in the absence of such an intense workout, I had to do something but had only a limited amount of time. What to do?

Solution: run super fast on the treadmill for five to 10 minutes. And then do, like, a million squats.

Might not be much, but I certainly felt better afterwards. And no laptops were harmed in the process.

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