Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Church of Running

I recently had an epiphany. I was getting ready to go for my first run after being off sick and, for some reason, I'd paid particular attention that day to the individual elements that go into getting ready for a run - which, for me, consist mainly of the following:

  • Pick out a running outfit.  
  • Find my socks.
  • Find my hat.
  • Make sure the watch is charged up (and hopefully I remembered to do this in advance).
  • Put all my clothes on, including the heart rate monitor.
  • Lace up the shoes.

There was such ease in doing all of these things which were so familiar - have been so familiar for years, I never even really thought about them before. Sure, I was only out of commission for a few weeks. But amidst a time when so much change was/is going on in my life, it's so comforting to know that these things remain the same. 

And this is what I realized: 

Running is a constant. It's my comfort. My joy. Everything else could be falling apart or crumbling all around me, but I know I can always come back to running. It won't judge me. It won't scorn me. It will always take me back, even if I've been away. Those routines will always be there; they're not going anywhere. 

So, yah. It was cathartic. And in a way I really wasn't expecting. (It was pretty rad.)

My friend Jeny once told me that running provides her with a balance in her life which she never before realized she needed. I believe that's true for many people - me included. But this was something new. Something wonderful. And a nice reminder that one can find solace in even the smallest routines.

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