Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating Women

Happy International Women's Day! (I'm a day late but I'm gonna fall back on the assumption that shouldn't we be celebrating the triumphs of women and fighting for equal rights every day?)

There were many events and initiatives happening around the world to recognize this day and what it means. For my part, I did not stay home from work and did not wear red (but only because I discovered, sadly, that I don't own any work-appropriate clothing that is red) but I did reflect, as I do often, on my status - as an educated, working woman who is a minority and has chosen to not have children. I think about this status in the context of the privileges I've been afforded, and how others have reacted to certain choices I've made.

"The Fearless Girl” by Kristen Visbal. Pic cred: Business Insider
I think about the women that have come before me who have been an inspiration, and the women in my life now who I consider to be mentors and allies, and I wonder what I would do without them. They are my confidantes, my sisters, my trusted peeps. To you I say: thank you for having my back, unconditionally. Keep kicking ass.

I also think about the men in my life who have supported me in my efforts to be successful as a career person, a grad student and a person, in general. As per Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, we need these men - to be in our corner, fighting our same fight. Thank you, too, to all the men who have stood up for me and the other women in their lives.

How did you celebrate International Women's Day?

A trinket made by one of my women friends to keep me motivated.


  1. Love this post! I took part in a "Day without Women" and didn't work. It was nice, but I wish more women were in a position to do such a thing.

    1. Thanks Laura! I was mixed about the call to not work. I understood the intent, but because it's not an option for everyone I was concerned about it unintentionally excluding certain groups of women. Still though, a good conversation starter and something to think about!