Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Woes a.k.a. Stories from the Sick Bed

It's amazing. Not one day into the start of fall term, and I end up sick as a dog. 

Today is the first time in over four days that I've woken up not hacking my lungs out and instantly wanting my life to end. But this obviously has meant no running. I was supposed to do 32 km on Sunday... ha! As if that was going to happen. Not with my lungs on the floor and my apartment covered in snot-filled tissues. 

With only three weeks to go until marathon #4, this recent sickness has got me a little stressed out. But maybe it's better than I got sick now than closer to the end of the month. Right? Right??

A few observations. You know you haven't been running in awhile when...

  • The battery in your Garmin has drained itself twice since you last wore it.
  • You don't remember what distance you last ran.
  • You don't remember what day you last ran.
  • All of your running gear is clean at the same time.

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