Thursday, October 11, 2012

Looking Back, Thinking Back

“Don't forget what you've got.” - Lauryn Hill

Autumn in Regina
© Harry2010
My parents recently decided to sell their home on the Canadian prairies to move out west and be closer to their children and grandchildren. I spent the past few days in my home town, helping them pack and purge and tidy up some last loose ends before their big move at the end of the month.

While they have plenty to look forward to, this move is still rather emotional; they've lived in that house for more than 30 years. The neighbours have been next door for the same period of time. Mom and Dad will be leaving their community, friends, and all the activities to which they've become accustomed, for unfamiliar surroundings and a new life in British Columbia.

TransCanada Trail at Regina
© safariTT
For me, being back for what could, presumably, be the last time, was also a little difficult. I may not live there any more, but I'm still connected to it; it's where I grew up. Our house is located along the TransCanada Trail, which is where I used to ride my bicycle as a kid. I found my love of running on those paths and would spend hours roaming around, discovering the parks and playgrounds with my friends. 

As my parents' move draws ever nearer, I want to pay recognition and give thanks to growing up on the prairies. That experience forever bonded me to other prairie-dwellers, past and present. It made me the person I am, the runner I was to become, and the friend and daughter that those close to me know me as today. 

I left a decade ago, with a naïve belief that this house would always be there for me - somewhere I could always call home. But as Thomas Wolfe once wrote: "You can never go home again." It is sad that now, more than ever, this holds true. 

All that's left is this: a sincere and heartfelt farewell to my home. Thank you for everything.

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