Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marathons May Apply Here

When I decided to run five marathons by the time I turned 35, I already had two specific races in mind: Edge to Edge this June as my third, and the BMO Vancouver Marathon as my fifth.  

As a possible option for the fourth marathon, I looked into running the ING NYC Marathon.  I mean, it's New York, for Pete's sake, so it would be awesome by default, yes?

Only problem: because New York is so awesome, everyone wants to run it.  It's hard to get in.

The way it works is ...

1.  Interested runners apply and pay an entrance fee.
2.  Your name is put into a lottery.
3.  The names are drawn and you find out if you're in for that year or not.

Today was Opening Day where the runners for this year were selected.  Thanks to the miracle of social media, I saw plenty of updates on Facebook in real time about their televised event which was also streaming live!  Crazy.

Long story short: I'm not in.  Not a big surprise - was kind of expecting it - but now I don't have a fourth marathon to run!  

I'm not in!  Guess I won't be wearing this T-shirt.  Darn it, anyway.
© ING NYC Marathon and NYRR, Official Merch 2012 

I did a quick search for other marathons happening in British Columbia (all of my full marathons so far have been in B.C. so I was thinking I might continue my tour of the province) but none really stood out.  

Then I started thinking of other races that would hold some meaning for me.  Like, running in my hometown of Regina or heading to Athens (the original!) but ... I just don't know.  Guess I need to put my thinking cap back on.  

What do you think?  Keeping in mind my time constraints and not likely being able to qualify for a race like Boston, any suggestions as to where I should run my fourth?


  1. This post made me really excited! I thought you got into the ING NYC Marathon! But I think Saskatchewan is probably your next best choice.

  2. Another hitch ... I recently got accepted into a Masters program which starts full time in September. I was leaning towards the Queen City Marathon (Regina) but, unfortunately, it takes place the first weekend after the start of term. Without knowing what my schedule is going to be like, I'm not sure if I'd be keen to take off at that time of year. So complicated.