Thursday, December 20, 2012

Canter Rain Check

Today was supposed to be the first annual Christmas Canter. Yes, that's right ... I said "was."

Sadly, I did not make it out there. As sometimes happens on race days, one might be injured, or get sick, or just not be prepared well enough. Mine is a combination of sickness and ill-preparedness.

A 10 km run I could do without much training, albeit at a leisurely pace - not the race pace at which I had originally intended to run the Christmas Canter. But running it while not feeling well? Not keen on the idea. (Anyone else feel like I've been perpetually sick all year? I sure do.)

To be completely transparent, my running has definitely fallen by the wayside. Creating the race at least got me thinking about running - and got me into my running shoes more in the last few weeks than I'd run all semester. But the workload for school has definitely been a huge factor that I'm going to need to manage better if I'm going to complete any running goals next year. 

For today, I'm going to rest up, pack for our Christmas trip and perhaps do a little research into the races I want to run in 2013. I'm contemplating the Spring Run Off, a long-standing 8 km race here in Vancouver which, oddly, I've never run. I'm also thinking about doing the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon again, as an intermediate race to a full marathon later in the year. Edge 2 Edge is definitely on my mind, having had to let that one go this year due to injury. Although, aiming for a fall marathon might be more realistic, as I'll be able to better train over the summer, without any classes and school work to worry about. Things to ponder.

I'm a little disappointed about not running today, but hey - shit happens. Whaddya gonna do? Sorry to those who were looking forward to today's race results! Perhaps we'll try again next year.

Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the best of the holidays. 

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